Patty Koppa:

Pat Koppa is a consultant who specializes in strategic planning and group facilitation with public health and history organizations. She is also a life coach specializing in resilience and chronic disease. As a 44 year kidney transplant survivor, Pat approaches each day with joy and excitement. You can reach her on

Ruth (Ruthie) Godfrey:

Ruth (Ruthie) Godfrey is the founding director of Learning Journeys: The Center for International Coaching. Ruthie first considered entering the field of coaching as she was completing her coaching final exam. The instructor took the exam from her and tore it up.  He told Ruthie that she had taken coaching beyond where it was at that time and suggested she go back to Minnesota and start her own coaching school. Inspired, Ruthie enlisted her daughter, Jennie, and six months later they launched their first course, The Power of Possibility. Upon completion students asked, “What’s next?” This simple question spurred coaching certifications, books, resources and more. You can find out more about Ruthie’s work at Her newest dream is to write children’s books.